Ogen screen shot

A snapshot of Ogen being used to generate a grid for a submarine. [enlarge]

Geometry and component grid generation.

Overture has extensive capabilities for constructing geometry and building component grids. Multiple component grids are combined to form an overlapping grid using the Ogen grid generator.
  1. NURBS, splines, cylinders, spheres, bodies of revolution, lofted surfaces, ....
  2. hyperbolic and elliptic grid generation.
  3. support for CAD (from IGES files) and CAD editing (fixup and simplication).
  4. generation of grids on CAD surfaces and triangulated surfaces.


Geometry and mapping gallery

Annulus Mapping.

Annulus Mapping. [enlarge]

Airfoil Mapping.

Airfoil Mapping.[enlarge]

CrossSection Mapping.

CrossSection Mapping. [enlarge]

Cylinder Mapping.

Cylinder Mapping. [enlarge]

DataPoint Mapping.

DataPoint Mapping. [enlarge]

Depth Mapping.

Depth Mapping. [enlarge]

Hyperbolic Mapping.

Hyperbolic Mapping. [enlarge]

Intersection Mapping.

Intersection Mapping. [enlarge]

Join Mapping.

Join Mapping. [enlarge]

Lofted Mapping.

Lofted Mapping (e.g. for wing with flat tip). [enlarge]

NURBS Mapping.

NURBS Mapping (curves, surfaces, volumes). [enlarge]


xx. [enlarge]

Normal Mapping.

Normal Mapping. [enlarge]

OffsetShell Mapping.

OffsetShell Mapping. [enlarge]

Orthographic (Reparameterization Mapping).

Orthographic (Reparameterization Mapping). [enlarge]

Plane Mapping.

Plane Mapping. [enlarge]

Restriction (Reparameterization Mapping).

Restriction (Reparameterization Mapping). [enlarge]

Revolution Mapping.

Revolution Mapping. [enlarge]

Rocket Mapping.

Rocket Mapping. [enlarge]

SmoothedPolygon Mapping.

SmoothedPolygon Mapping. [enlarge]

Sphere Mapping.

Sphere Mapping. [enlarge]

Spline Mapping.

Spline Mapping. [enlarge]

Square Mapping.

Square Mapping. [enlarge]

Stretch Mapping.

Stretch Mapping (for clustering grid points). [enlarge]

Sweep Mapping.

Sweep Mapping. [enlarge]

Transfinite Interpolation Mapping.

Transfinite Interpolation Mapping. [enlarge]

Trimmed Mapping (common in CAD).

Trimmed Mapping (common in CAD). [enlarge]

Unstructured Mapping.

Unstructured Mapping. [enlarge]

CompositeSurface Mapping (for CAD surfaces).

CompositeSurface Mapping (for CAD surfaces). [enlarge]

Reduction Mapping.

Reduction Mapping. [enlarge]

Lofted Mapping.

Lofted Mapping (e.g. for a box). [enlarge]


xx. [enlarge]


xx. [enlarge]


xx. [enlarge]


xx. [enlarge]

Geometry and Mappings related publications and talks