Talks, Tutorials and Presentations

Overture demos and short course.

Here are some demo and short course documents for Overture.
  1. "Overture Demo Introduction", K. Chand and W. Henshaw
  2. "Hands-on Demo of Overture and the CG Solvers", K. Chand and W. Henshaw
  3. "Short Course: Solving PDE's on Overlapping Grids with the Overture Framework", W. Henshaw

Talks and Presentations

  1. W. D. Henshaw.
    Over-coming the fluid-structure added-mass instability for incompressible flows, 2015.
    Talk, New Jersey Institute of Technology, September 18, 2015, publications/njit15.pdf.
  2. W. D. Henshaw.
    Efficient solution of incompressible flows with moving bodies, 2012.
    Talk, University of Delaware, Newark Delaware, November 13, 2012, publications/udel12.pdf.
  3. W. D. Henshaw.
    Solving fluid structure interaction problems on overlapping grids, 2012.
    Talk, MIT Distinguished Speaker Series, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge Massachusetts, September 20, 2012, publications/mit12.pdf.
  4. W. D. Henshaw.
    An Overture overview, 2012.
    Talk, Thirteenth DOE ACTS Workshop, Berkeley California, 2012, publications/acts12.pdf,YouTube video of the presentation:
  5. W. D. Henshaw.
    An introduction to overset grids, 2011.
    Talk, 2nd Bay Area Overset Network Meeting, Stanford California, 2011, publications/boan2011.pdf.
  6. W. D. Henshaw.
    Deforming composite grids for fluid structure interactions, 2011.
    Talk presented at the SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering, Reno, Nevada, February 2011, publications/cse11.pdf.
  7. W. D. Henshaw.
    Solving pdes on overlapping grids with Overture, 2010.
    Invited talk at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, September 2010, publications/uiuc10.pdf.